Writing Daily Life in 5-7-5

I’ve been writing haiku ever since I was in primary school and have been really fond of the format since then. I used to write haiku on a near daily basis when I was a teenager (yes, I was THAT writing nerd in high school) and then tried to again last year. I always get burned out or lazy eventually but I’m going to try my best this time year to write for as many consecutive days as possible.

I’ll be posting haiku here once every other day or so and each haiku will be about something from my day-to-day life. I find the act of writing, restrictive format poetry in particular, to be quite soothing and grounding. It allows me to bring my focus away from daily life struggles and onto the word choice, syllables and rhymes and in turn, I pay more attention to the small things. The small good things. The MANY small good things.


Just how delicious and vibrant the tomato soup I ate that one morning,

How much brighter leaves seem to get after heavy rain,

The smell of the winds changing as winter fades into much warmer weather…

Just a lot of good things really. I tend to be really negative and depressing in my head (and when speaking with friends) so I think this might be a good way to try and see the bright side of things. That, or release some of my frustrations and anxieties in a productive healthy manner.

If you’re interested in following my daily life in 5-7-5, click the big link below!

Haiku Diaries

You may also find the collection under the Poetry tab in the Menu of the Nest! I hope you enjoy going through my snippets of daily life and I highly encourage you give this a try. Do comment and share with me if you are doing the “challenge” as well!

Until next time,
The Writing Borb

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