Writers Cafe Pieces

In a tucked away in a hidden Starbucks cafe in a bustling city, a group of writers shed their everyday personas to craft tales of oh-so-relatable humor, death and destruction, worlds far beyond our own, and so much more.

The following are pieces that I, the Borb, have written during these meetings.

16th March, 2019 – Magical Boy Lawrence (part 1)

Summary: It’s business as usual at the University of Cauldwell- lectures are still boring and students are still crazy about Starbucks. But there’s this guy that sits in the middle row in one of the lecture halls and there’s something not quite right about him.

[Prompt: His massive jowls shook like jelly.]

5th March 2019 – Steel, Cinnamon and Petrichor

Summary: It’s hard being depressed. It’s even harder when a dear friend is also depressed. Two negatives end up repelling each other and it ends up breaking apart something that was once precious.

[Prompt: N/A , Did not use]

26th February 2019 – Pauline

Summary: Two drunk teenage girls go into the woods, one promising to show the other something really cool. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Right?

[Prompt: Pauline]

11th February 2019 – She Wrote in Red Pen

Summary: Jen writes a letter to her friends and family with her favorite red pen. 
She has something very important to say.

[Prompt: She wrote with a red pen]

Warning: Mentions of suicide

5th February 2019 – Teatime with Time & Death

Summary: Time and Death meet each other for tea one starry afternoon but this cordial meeting turns sour very quickly.

[Prompt: Purpose]

29th January 2019 – Sergei’s People

Summary: A journalist interviews an eccentric artist in his home in order to get to the scoop on the rather… bizarre and unnerving subjects of his art.

[Prompt: Find a news article and spin a story from it. I chose this].

22nd January 2019 – Born Thrice, Died Twice

Summary: Faith sacrifices her self-identity and becomes a social zombie. Will she ever find her real self?

[Prompt: I am zombie but I can still think.]