Welcome to the Nest!

Come in, come in! Make yourselves at home. Sit anywhere you’d like! There’s room for everyone. Get comfy and grab something to read from my personal collection. Let me give you a brief tour of the Nest.

Although do pardon the mess… and how empty it is-
This place is not done quite yet!
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If you fancy poetry you can find those under well..Poetry!

But if poetry isn’t your cuppa tea, there’s stories under the shelves of Prose.

The shelves are quite empty now but I will be adding more as time goes on.
I write short stories and poems for a variety of genres and social issues, and love to experiment with words, structure and style.

And oh, if you’d like to hear more from the beak of the Borb himself, there’s a notice board right there in the corner. The big one with the sign that says “The Borb Speaks“. There, I post updates about the state of the Nest, my opinions, and stuff about my writing (and other artistic) endeavors.

Speaking of my writing activities, I tend to attend a few writing events throughout the year and um… write at these meetings. So far, I’ve collected the pieces I’ve written at these marvelous meetups and put them under different shelves. There’s one for The Writers Cafe (a weekly Tuesday soiree) but will add more when the event comes close.

If you get lost, the sidebar or the bar down below should be able to direct you to somewhere you’d like to go. I’ll also be putting some music and lovely pictures there which I’ll switch out every now and then so feel free to use and peruse.

That’s about it for the tour. I sure hope you enjoy your stay here at the Nest! I’ll be serving coffee, tea and lemonades as you get cozy and sink into the words and drift off into worlds beyond our own…